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  • Where is Orange Creek Inn located?

    Orange Creek is located immediately north of Arthurs town, on the Island of Cat Island, in the Bahamas.

  • How do I get to Orange Creek Inn?

    The Inn provides a pick up from the airport or the guest may choose its own service.

  • Which Airport is nearest to Orange Creek Inn?

    Arthurs town airport is nearest to Orange Creek Inn (approximately 3.5 miles away). Taxi fare from the airport is about $15 USD.

  • Are there restaurants near Orange Creek Inn?

    There are approximately 6 nearby restaurants - all of which serve authentic native Bahamian cuisine. The average meal cost $12 - $18 USD.

  • How much does car/bicycle rental cost?

    Car rental is an average of $80 USD per day. Bicycles can be rented at $10 USD per day.

    *Car rental can be arrange to be at the airport on arrival.

  • What Airline should I use to travel to Orange Creek Inn?

    There are many flights that fly to New Providence, the Bahamas. When you're in New Providence you can fly to Cat Island through the airline Sky Bahamas. Flights come twice a day - once in the morning which arrives at 9:30am, and in the evening at 4pm. The cost per tickets from Nassau to Cat Island is about $190 USD round trip.

  • How do I arrange payment for accommodations?

    Orange Creek Inn accepts Visa and Master credit cards only. You are able to pay in cash on arrival

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